DFS Zania Sofa

With super-comfy cushions in abundance, this corner sofa is your ideal comfort zone

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Back to earth

A soothing, natural colour scheme, timeless in its simplicity

Rich, warm and comforting, this easy-to-live-with palette pays homage to the rustic, earthy tones of the great outdoors. Dusky pinks, rich reds and sandy golds combine with wooden furniture to create a look with its roots firmly in the natural world but totally at home in your living space.

DFS Palace Sofa

A classic sofa that looks stunning in any environment

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Dulux Paint Colour Swatches

Recreate the richness of the room above using warm, spicy colours, such as these rustic shades from Dulux

DFS Eliza sofa

Elegance personified in beautiful soft velvet

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And relax...

Warm, natural tones create feelings of comfort and cosiness, making them the perfect shades for spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms

Keep It In The Family
DFS Chalk Sofa

Timelessly chic, this button-back sofa is designed to impress

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DFS Slate

Modern design with old-fashioned comfort and timeless elegance

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Lighten Up With Spicy Walls

and spicy

If you’re wondering which earth tones go together, raid your spice cabinet. Saffron, paprika and nutmeg shades work beautifully alongside each other

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