Your guide to buying a leather sofa

Superbly comfortable, lovely to look at and incredibly hard-wearing, if you’ve decided that a leather sofa is the one for you, there are lots of options to choose from. Popular for it’s natural fibres that go in all directions (making it extra strong unlike woven fabrics), here’s our experts guide to help you choose your very own leather sofa.

DFS Leather Buying Guide

If you take care of your leather sofa, it will reward you for years to come, growing more beautiful as time goes by.

100% Leather

100% real leather

At DFS we never compromise on our leather sofas. So, whenever you see this icon, it means 100% real leather, all over.

Natural Leather

Natural leather

Choose 'natural finish' leather for a classic, traditional look.

Our ‘natural finish’ leather allows the characteristics of each individual piece to show through. Designed with you in mind, our leather provides a lovely warm, soft finish that offers comfort as the exact tone and grain varies from piece to piece giving every sofa a slightly different feel.

Cherish Leather

Cherish leather

Choose 'cherish' leather for a sleek, modern look.

Our ‘cherish’ leather has a painted surface to give a more uniform look. This technique still allows the leather to ‘breathe’ so it’s warm and soft, allowing the added benefit of an even more resilient every day wear.

Looking after your
leather sofa

Leather is a natural covering and will stretch and crease with age, while cushions will soften and relax their shape with regular use, making them even more comfortable. Ensure your leather sofa gets maximum wear by dusting regularly, cleaning spills immediately and vacuuming crevices.

For ‘natural finish’ leather take a clean, dry cloth and wipe your sofa down once a week to keep dust from building up.

For ‘cherish’ leather use a clean, damp cloth and wipe down your sofa once a week to keep your sofa looking pristine and fresh.

Styles for all tastes

Whether you’re going for a traditional and relaxed, or your looking for streamlined and modern; our leather sofas offer you and your family a range of styles to suit your taste and budget. So, try them for yourself and see which one gives you the look and feel you truly want.


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