DFS Laze Axon Sofa

In stylish herringbone, this curvy, retro-inspired sofa sets the tone for a calm, relaxing room

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Warm neutrals

Pared-back, elegant, inviting and relaxing – what’s not to love?

From hygge to lagom, Scandi-style and Scandi furniture continue to influence how we think and live… especially when it comes to home decor. This season sees a move on from the traditional cool blue and grey living room palette, with warmer tones of dusky pink and brown taking centre stage, accented with soft whites and pale silvers. The result? A simply stunning, neutral living room that’s anything but bland

DFS Morland Sofa

Modern, stylish and a great base for playfully patterned cushions and throws

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Dulux Paint Colour Swatches

Recreate the calm sophistication of the room above using these warm, neutral colours from

DFS montie sofa

Effortless style, luxurious space and deeply padded comfort

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Keep it in the family

Working with shades of the same neutral colour, from light to dark, creates a sophisticated and unified feel to your room

Keep It In The Family

Naturally neutral

Warm neutrals work brilliantly with natural materials such as woods, wools, linens, copper and terracotta

Naturally Neutral

Ring the changes

Neutral walls and furnishings make it easy to change the mood of your room simply by swapping throws, cushions, curtains and accessories

Ring The Changes

Classic and comfortable in equal measure

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DFS Trafalgar Sofa

Classically architectural in design, this is a true statement sofa

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Warm Neutrals Corner Sofas

This stylish sofa bed matches sleek lines with comfy cushioning, perfect for staying the night or relaxing in the day

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DFS Long Beach Sofa

Versatile, oversized chaise just perfect for family lounging

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Lighten Up With Natural Coloured Walls

Lighten up

Neutral-coloured walls make the most of any available natural light, reflecting it around the room for a bright, airy environment

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