you have a style thing relax
you have a style thing relaxyou have a style thing relax
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Get to know the Relax sofa style

The clue is in the name - these sofas are for people who love to relax. This style group has comfort designed into every detail - inviting overstuffed cushions and panelling, padded arms, commonly a higher back and a chunkier feel. You won’t find feature feet here - with a sturdy base, always to the floor, this is a solid look. Often with recline features and extra functions (like USB charging, reading lights, cupholders and hidden storage) and giving great lumbar support, these high back sofa styles provide best-of-the-best comfort.

And with such a wide range of styles, there’s something for every space, too. These ranges are most popular in leather and faux leather, but can be found in textured fabrics too.

perfect recliner relax

Your perfect recliner sofa

A classic leather recliner sofa looks good in every living space - and with real and faux leather options, there’s something for every budget. And big families will love our corner recliner sofas - with plenty of space for everyone, plus extra hidden features suited to busy family life.

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made for lounging relax

Made for lounging

If your sofa is your happy place, it’s about to get even happier. While every lounging sofa in this range provides our ultimate level of comfort - there’s plenty more features on offer; from USB charging and hidden cupholders to reading lights, storage and of course, electric or manual reclining. These are truly hard working, multi-tasking sofas.

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Let’s find your thing

Now you know what makes a Relax sofa the ultimate in comfort; it’s time to find the perfect one for you. With our huge range of relaxed sofas in a selection of sumptuous fabrics; we’re sure to find your perfect match for you to settle into.

Not found your thing relax

Not found your thing yet?

Not found your thing yet? Don’t worry - there’s plenty more to choose from, in all shapes, sizes and colours.

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See how DFS customers style their Relax sofas…

Show us how you’re styling your new furniture, from stylish sofas to beautiful bedrooms, using @dfs for a chance to be featured.

We made it Relax. Now make it yours.

You’ve found your perfect style - now let’s make it truly yours. Scatter cushions to storage, coffee tables to living room rugs; we’ve got everything you need to get the details down.