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It’s quality. It’s trust. It’s Silentnight. Because when it comes to sleep, it’s personal.

Silentnight believe the simple beauty of waking-up feeling rested, refreshed and ready-to-go is a luxury everyone should be afforded. We’re all a little different - from sleeping position to comfort choice - and that’s why Silentnight offer the right mattress for every type of sleeper, because they care about YOUR comfort, YOUR style and YOUR sleep.

Your bedroom isn’t just a place to sleep either. We offer a range of clever divan storage options, stylish headboards and beautiful fabrics to transform your bedroom and create the perfect place to retreat.

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A great night’s sleep starts with finding your perfect mattress, which is why Silentnight offer the right mattress for every one.

Eco Comfort

Eco Comfort - A great night’s sleep shouldn’t cost the Earth.

The Eco Comfort filling uses simple, honest materials engendered from sustainable sources to bring you sumptuous comfort that won’t cost the planet or your pocket. Breathable materials combine to give you a fresh sleeping environment and a purifying experience on a comfort filling that’s 100% recyclable, with each mattress containing 150 recyclable plastic bottles.

Shop Geltex

Geltex - Sleep better, wake up brighter

Geltex - our patented gel infused comfort filling that’ll leave you feeling energised and rejuvenated every morning. Backed by science, researchers from the University of Central Lancashire have found that Geltex delivers the perfect pressure-relief and support needed for the ideal sleeping environment. It also comes with an intelligent open cell structure, allowing air to pass through for a fresher, more breathable sleeping environment.

What size do you need?

Eco Comfort Breathe - Good for you, good for the environment

The Eco Comfort Breathe micro-climate system combines sustainable, high performance materials with chemical treatment free fabric to bring you the cleanest, freshest and most sustainable mattresses we’ve made. This comfort layer features Eco Comfort Fibres alongside responsive Eco Breathe Fibres - which spring back into shape time after time to relieve pressure and provide superior support - and a breathable Cool Max sleep surface for improved air circulation for cooler and more comfortable sleep.

Divans come with a lot of room underneath, so you might as well maximise the amount of space available. Silentnight offer a range of storage solutions that do just that.

Eco Comfort

A headboard can make or break the divan bed, so choosing the right one for your style and bedroom can make a world of difference and add the perfect finishing touch.


Add a personal touch to your new divan bed with our selection of beautiful fabric choices, offering a perfect match for any bedroom.

It's Quality, It's Trust, It's Silentnight