So you’re looking to transform your living space with a sleek and comfortable sofa bed – now for the exciting part, choosing a style, colour and type that sits perfectly in your home. Sofa beds create a little extra flexibility – and as so many of our sofas are also available as sofa beds, you can still get the perfect look. A real space saver, sofa beds and sofa bed chairs are easy to use – rolling out seamlessly to a bed. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something to use less regularly, but still want you or your guests to have for a great night’s sleep. Whether you go for a cotton mix, polyester, velvet, wool, linen or leather sofa bed, our wide selection of fabrics ensures that you find your perfect match. The sofa bed is a focal point of your living space, so choosing the right colour and pattern is key to complimenting the rest of the décor. Our sofa beds combine a variety of fabrics and designs. With a range of meticulously designed, high quality handmade single and double sofa beds, there’s plenty options to choose from. Fabric is durable, versatile, and our range of fabric sofa beds are handmade to order, helping you host guests without any hassle – just pull open the sofa bed....
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Julius Sofa Bed


100% leather in a modern neutral palette means the Julius sofabed works well in any type of living space....
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Looking for a sofa bed for your living room or would like something smaller to use now and again, we’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Watch how easy our sofabeds pull out and are put away.