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Think French Connection, think fashion. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the stunning collection of sofas exclusively designed in partnership with DFS. Taking inspiration from French Connection’s clothing heritage, the range features premium fabrics, sharp tailoring and clean lines (so far, so fashion!) that combine to bring a chic elegance to every home. Ideal for those looking for a fresh, contemporary yet still timeless feel to their home décor, the entire collection flies the flag for Britain, with every sofa being handcrafted to stylish perfection in Derbyshire....
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This French Connection Kerala collection is inspired by an appreciation for craftsmanship, sunsets and unwashed prints. Capturing sophisticated terracotta tones and texture, combining these with confident shapes to create a collection that would bring style to any room. All about texture, sophisticated warm tones combined with confident shapes

Beautiful creations

Beautiful creations, handcrafted by experts

The sleek, streamlined shape of every French Connection sofa is the result of years of dedicated experience and skill. After carefully cutting your selected fabric, our master craftsmen cover your sofa by hand, perfectly stretching the fabric over the hand-built frame, ensuring that your sofa or chair keeps its stylish good looks for years to come.

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