At the heart of the new Grand Designs range sits a grand ambition; to create sofas that are stylish, super comfy and beautifully made from innovative and sustainable materials. Each part of the sofa has been carefully considered for its ability to reduce the impact on our environment, and is either made of recycled materials, comes from sustainable sources or is more easily recycled at the end of its life as a sofa.

The Grand Design sofas feature fabrics weaved from recycled yarns, cushions filled with sustainable and recyclable fibres, handmade frames that are crafted from sustainable FSC timber and recyclable springs and packaging. And because they’re available exclusively at DFS, your future sofa is not only stylish, comfy and sustainable; it is affordable too.


Our new collection from Grand Designs. Earthy rich colours mixed with textured accent fabrics at the forefront of trends, whilst remaining conscious of the impact on the planet.

What goes into each sofa

Each seat is made up of ethically sourced and sustainable materials. It’s design-led, innovative and sustainable to the core.

Grand Designs innovation

The range takes an innovative design approach, committed to sustainability. Breaking new ground, the collection puts being environmentally-friendly within reach for many.

Inside the sofa

Inside The Sofa

Quallofil® Blue - is a new polyester fibre for sustainable sofa cushions. The filling fibre is made using 50% recycled plastic from Plastic Bank, globally recognised as one of the leading solutions to stop ocean plastic, whilst helping people living in poverty to build a better future. USED IN THE KENT, TENBY, FARNHAM, EDINBURGH AND PADSTOWE.

RECONSTITUTED FOAM - Our reconstituted foam is made up from approximately 50% recycled materials, featuring a soft recycled fibre wrap that offers superior comfort and a reconstituted foam core which provides lasting shape needing minimal maintenance. USED IN THE BROCKWELL, LAMBOURN AND DULWICH.

RECONSTITUTED PADDED FOAM - This is made from the same materials of the reconstituted foam but has an extra layering of fibre wrap on the top layer to provide superior comfort and relaxed look. AVAILABLE IN AMERSHAM ONLY.

POCKET SPRUNG - Our innovative pocket sprung upgrade provides exceptional levels of comfort. The steel pocket sprung core wrapped in a recycled fibre case provides lasting shape and is manufactured with materials that can be 100% recycled at the end of life. OPTIONAL UPGRADE IN THE LAMBOURN.

Sustainably sourced solid timber feet, with option for a completely raw, or water-based finish.

Fabric made from recycled polyester yarns

100% recycled polyfibres, made from plastic bottles.

Made from 100% recyclable & reusable high carbon steel.

Recyclable and made from 30% recycled polythene bags.

Grand Designs luxury

Order a swatch

To help you pick the perfect fabric, colour & texture for your home, order a free Grand Design sample online.

Inside the sofa

Leather Credentials

Leather sourced only from the UK and Europe adhering to the animal welfare Five Freedoms standard.

96%of solid waste trimmings created from the production process are recycled or repurposed.

100% of waste created during the production process is recycled and repurified.

Transparent coating helping to protect against spills and stains.

High quality, semi-aniline leather, tanned in Italy for the finest finish.

At the end of life, leather biodegrades naturally within 10-50 years.


Grand Designs Argyll Bed


Sink into the luxe chenille of Argyll - topped by a plump pillow headboard, and made from sustainable and recycled materials.

Grand Designs Newport Bed


Stylishly striking and sustainable, the Newport features an elegant winged headboard and strokably soft chenille upholstery.


By following a few basic design principles you can create a modern living space that feels really stylish. Here’s our advice on how to get the look.

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See how combining statement pieces with natural materials and contrasting textures help get the Grand Designs look.

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Lou Peterson, design director at DFS gives an insight on how to create the Grand Designs look with colour.

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Watch our video to find out more about this fantastic collaboration. Ben Frost, furniture designer, explains the design ethos behind the sustainable Grand Designs sofa ranges, and talks about the goal to make sofas that will help transform your living space, whilst reducing your impact on the environment.

grand design dulwich accent chair


grand design padstowe accent chair


Sustainable Seat Cushion
Recycled polyfibres
Timber frame
Recycled yarns