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What is Sofacare?

Sofacare is our name for our furniture service plan - designed to keep your sofa looking (and feelling) great for as long as possible. You can take out a Sofacare plan on many of our products - from fabric and leather sofas to dining furniture. You can have peace of mind that staining or damage which has suddenly occurred can be repaired or removed for 5 years!

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How does it work?

For a simple one off payment, a 5 year Sofacare Service Plan includes staining and damage which has been sudden and includes spills, dye transfer, pet scratches, tears and rips and burns. It also includes recliner motion furniture problems.

(Some damage isn’t included, scroll down for further details).

Simply report the damage to the administrators Guardsman as soon as it happens by going to their website here. They will work with you to repair the damage or remove the stain. And if they can’t fix the problem, they will replace the affected part or individual item.


With over 100 years' experience in caring for furniture, Guardsman believe you should be able to choose the furniture you want so you can enjoy it without worrying about stains and damage. They work in partnership with us to offer Furniture Service Plans to give you total peace of mind. Visit their website to find out more about them.


What is a fabric protector?

Some of our sofas are eligible for a special fabric protection treatment, which helps to repel spills that could otherwise lead to stains. If you take out a Sofacare plan that includes the treatment, your new sofa will be treated prior to delivery. Please note that due to a huge range of fabric types available at DFS, unfortunately not all of our sofas are suitable for this treatment.

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  • Staining - including food and drink, ink and both human and pet bodily fluids (gross we know, but it happens!)
  • Damage - including rips, scuffs, burns, and scratches
  • Pet damage - including scratches, chews and bites

The following is also included, after the expiry of the existing 2 year manufacturers guarantee and until the end of your Sofacare Service Plan.

  • Excessive loss of resilience of interior foam filling
  • Excessive softening and compressing of fire filling
  • Broken zips, stitching and buttons Peeling or cracking of leather
  • Mechanism failure
  • Electrical falure of control box, transformers and motor
  • Wire breakages and cuts
  • Everyday wear and tear - normal everyday wear and tear, fading caused by the sun, or changes in colour that aren’t stains
  • Structural damage - although frames and springs are covered separately under our 15 year guarantee
  • Damage caused by mistreatment - including deliberate damage or neglect, or that caused by using the wrong cleaning products (or using them incorrectly)
  • Furniture used within a business - SofaCare cannot be purchased for furniture used as part of a business, including landlords providing furniture for rental properties

Want to find out more about what is and isn’t covered?

Check out the Sofacare terms & conditions for the full rundown

How can I purchase a Sofacare service plan?

It’s quick and easy to take out a Sofacare service plan when shopping at DFS. You simply select which products you’d like to protect, make a one-off payment at the point of purchase, and then you’re covered for 5 years from the date your furniture is delivered.

Please note that there are several types of Sofacare plan, covering fabric sofas, leather sofas, and furniture. If more than one plan applies across your order, you will be able to choose which service plans to opt for. For example, if you are purchasing a fabric corner sofa and a leather armchair, you may choose to only take out Sofacare on the fabric sofa.



If you shop with us online, it’s quick and easy to add a service plan - you will be presented with the option to add a Sofacare plan to your sofa or furniture during the checkout process.


In store

If you’re purchasing in store, our store colleagues would be happy to walk you through the details of available SofaCare plans, and can add this to your order as part of the normal order process.



If you’re ordering by phone, our sales colleagues will walk you through the options for SofaCare, and can add this to your order for you.

What if I’ve already purchased my furniture? Can I still take out Sofacare?

If you have already placed your order, but your furniture is yet to arrive, you may still have time to add a Sofacare service plan. Give us a call on 1800 535 580 and we’ll be happy to walk you through your options.

Please note we are unable to retrospectively add Sofacare service plans to furniture which has already been delivered.

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Reporting damage on your Sofacare Service Plan is quick and easy. Simply head to Guardsman website and click on “Report Damage” button to complete an online form, or visit:

Guardsman will take a look at your report and advise on the next possible steps. If it is damage that has resulted in a stain, they may send you a stain removal wipe to further prevent damage. In most cases it will remove the stain completely, avoiding the inconvenience of having to wait for a technician to come out. However, you don’t have to use it, or if it doesn’t work, simply let them know and they will send out one of their expert technicians to solve the problem - whether that’s stain removal, repair or replacement of the damaged part or full replacement.

If you want to find out more about Sofacare and whether it’s the right fit for you, there’s plenty more information available - we recommend downloading our Sofacare leaflet, reading the full Sofacare terms & conditions, or popping into your local DFS store to speak to an expert.