you have a style thing
you have a style thingyou have a style thing
Everyone has a thing - but with so many styles to choose from, how do you find yours? Well, we’re here to make it easy - below are six distinct sofa style groups, as defined by the DFS design experts. Finding your style has never been so simple!...
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Modern Style

You’re the ‘Monica’ amongst your friends. Because no sock ever goes missing on watch. Of course, you’re reading this, but you already know what you want. Clean straight lines, off the floor shapes and minimal buttons or stitching. Simple. Your thing, says so much, by saying very little.

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Luxe Style

‘Fabulous’ is your everyday dress code. You’re all about that flaunt it’ energy. You can even strike a pose when lounging. You seek style that oozes opulence and delivers on delightful detail. Shiny fabrics, low slung feature feet and curved lines are where you sit. Because you were being fierce, before fierce was a thing.

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Timeless Style

You’re the swan of home birds. Your favourite party trick is not going. And the only filter you use is in a pot of coffee. You simply do your own thing. You know what you like and it’s simple, refined and timeless. From a corner sofa to a chaise, it has to be cosy and casual. Relaxed and understated is what makes you most comfortable.

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Traditional Style

You’ve always preferred the book to the film. Your doorbell plays Beethoven’s fifth. And your watch only tells you the time. And nothing else. Something more traditional sits better with you. Scroll arms, period detailing and solid off-the-floor feature feet are the style for you. And style goes with everything.

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Mid-century Style

You’re always 50 shades of fashionable. Your music collection makes excellent reading. And if house plants could choose, they’d live at your place. Scandi-chic styling and off-the-floor splayed legs with perhaps a wool look or velvet fabrics. And of course, always on-trend colours. The in-thing is definitely your thing.

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Relax Style

Your natural fragrance is ‘laid back’. You don’t take naps, you take life pauses. You’re certainly the calmest passenger on anyone’s emotional rollercoaster. So relax, you’ve got this. We’re talking lumbar support, leather or faux leather, woven fabrics, stuffed cushions and padded arms. A chunky, durable, solid, on-the-floor look is easy on your eye, not to mention the rest of your body.

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